Born Lloyd Horace Brammer to Lloyd and Myrna Brammer and raised in two of Kingston’s toughest communities, Maxfield and Duhaney Park, young Reggae/Dancehall artist, Bramma, attended the Calabar High School and graduated with four CXC subjects. Bramma’s love for music was noticeable during his school years where he spent many of his days entertaining friends or those who cared to listen, making drum beats on desks while he delivered some raunchy lyrics to much fanfare.


In 2005, his best friend and fellow schoolmate, Marley, who lived on Merrivale Drive, close to the office of Solid Agency, introduced him to Bounty Killa, whom he knew personally. Bramma also met the then Administrative Manager at Solid Agency, Sophia McKay, who immediately took an interest in him after seeing his potential. However, Bramma was still in school and had exams coming up, so she advised him to complete his final year of high school and return when his exams were done. Bramma did just that, returning in his uniform after his final paper to inform Sophia that he was now ready to pursue his career in music. At the time, Bramma had went by the moniker “Sinister”, and lacked studio experience so Sophia introduced him to Leftside and Esco to assist him in this area. This was when the duo decided on the name change and insisted he use his last name in Patois form. They believed it was more fitting and in that same year, he met Neil of Cashflow Records. Bramma created his first official track entitled “Star” on the Wamba Riddim.


Sophia had opted to manage him but left Solid Agency and Jamaica, heading for Florida on another job assignment. Bramma thought this would have been a major setback for him as he needed all the assistance he could get to mold what was now officially his career choice. However, while overseas, she used the opportunity to start promoting his music internationally, hence creating a buzz among radio jocks and sound system DJs in several US cities as well as in Europe and anywhere Dancehall music had become popular.


Bramma‘s friend, Marley, and his family relocated to Havendale from Merrivale Drive, living in close proximity to a young Stephen McGregor. Stephen had an almost perfect home studio and was noticeably very talented at just 16 years old so after becoming acquainted with Stephen, he introduced him to Bramma and the rest they say is history. Bramma was excited because he knew that both of them were young and eager to make music, which is what he needed. His first recording for Stephen was done on the Cartoon Riddim and was indeed of better quality as both Stephen and himself worked hard at finding a suitable key to deliver his tune comfortably. This was an effort to enhance his clarity and eventually created a distinctive sound.


The results were very impressive and very good for the artist. His manager was just as excited as they were because she knew that the quality of work was much better for promotion, setting a trend for a new Dancehall artist on the rise. His mentor, Bounty Killa, heard his music and suggested adding Di Bomma to his name, since he was dropping lyrics like bombs. Bramma spent many nights at Big Ship studio when it got too late to go home, especially without transportation. His dedication eventually paid off as his music improved with every track. The innovative stylistics of the young producer, combined with a now well-learned artist of style, craft and clarity, brought to life the very first track that gave him some well needed recognition in Jamaica called “Last Man Standing” on the Power Cutt Riddim. The track held its own on the compilation, which was also the first outstanding production of Stephen.


While the song created an impact for him and prompted him to create other war type songs such as “Stand Alone” and others, this was not the direction in which his manager wanted him to place his focus. Having a better understanding of the market and getting positive feedback from radio and sound system DJs based overseas was more than encouraging and opened up a world of opportunities for the young artist. Therefore, with a vision of being accepted internationally, Bramma refocused his attention to pursue his dream.


Bramma then released another Stephen-produced track called “Heading To The Top” on the Party Riddim, a track that “stepped things up a notch” by planting a seed of elevation during a time when the industry seemed to be at war. He shot his first ever music video for the song, which was directed by the Duhaney Park-based Simeon Hedge. Bramma then drew the interest of super producer, Jordan McClure, where they recorded his very first single entitled “Value Of A Lady”. The track became a hit in Germany, earning Bramma a full page feature in the November 2007 issue of Riddim Magazine.


Since then, the Dancehall artist has not looked back, making songs such as “It’s Whatever”, “Why” and “Guided By The Master”, all produced by Stephen. Other notables include “Daggaration” on the Beauty And The Beast Riddim, “Whine On Wire” on the Waist Riddim and “Trust People” on the Pepper Riddim, as well as “Walk Gwaan”, his signature hit “Cha Cha Bwoy” and a slew of other popular tracks and singles.


In 2012, Bramma signed a management contract with UK-based company, S-Lock Entertainment, after losing contact with Sophia. While still maintaining a good relationship with Stephen and Big Ship Records, Bramma took another step in advancing his career as S-Lock firmly takes charge of guiding his career towards imminent success. His present manager is originally from Sherlock Crescent in the Kingston 20 community of Duhaney Park, hence the name “S-Lock”.


This partnership has garnered a much needed change of direction for the musical prodigy and has since brought to fruition Bramma‘s first collective body of work, titled the One A Day EP. Released on September 15th, 2017 along with corresponding music videos, the seven track EP has gone on to do well in sales and has taken the artist on a whole new level. A successful EP launch took place on the rooftop lounge at S-Lock‘s headquarters in Duhaney Park on September 16th, 2017. It doubled as a birthday party as Bramma celebrated his 29th birthday on September 14th.


Bramma Di Gorilla is a model of persistence. He is hardworking, dedicated, driven and very creative. He has consistently delivered new concepts, style and energy with every new release. Bramma has grown from strength to strength, exercising raw talent and skill, and has his sight set on becoming inevitably the next likely mega Dancehall star out of Jamaica that the world has ever seen.